Walmart Doesn’t Sell Writing & Don’t Buy Cheap Toilet Paper

You can get a lot of good stuff at Walmart, amiright? From dog sweaters to pre-made fruit trays to urns, you name it…it’s probably there. Walmart will even change your tires while you’re filling your cart in the store, getting ready to drop a stack of twenties like a rock star in Vegas. It’s aContinue reading “Walmart Doesn’t Sell Writing & Don’t Buy Cheap Toilet Paper”

5 Tips to Become a Kickass Writer & Karaoke Expert

If you’re here for the karaoke thing, I lied. This is for the writers who need to be nicer to themselves. The extrovert masterclass is two pages back. You know what happens to introverts (writers and the like) when they are asked to participate in things like karaoke, improv sessions, or large group projects? TheyContinue reading “5 Tips to Become a Kickass Writer & Karaoke Expert”

Write Anyway

The Creative Toolbox That’ll Keep You Inspired What do you do when you don’t feel like writing? Write anyway. Write ANYTHING you can think of. If you’ve promised yourself that you’ll write 2.000 words per day and you’re just not feeling it, I don’t care if you write down your grandma’s family spice cake recipe.Continue reading “Write Anyway”