Writer’s Doubt? It’s the Antagonist in Your Story

You know the antagonist you love to hate? The bad guy who always stands in the way of your favorite good guy? As an author, self-doubt is your biggest, baddest, nastiest antagonist—and it’s time to recognize it for what it is. What’s the antagonist in your latest book trying to accomplish? What’s driving him orContinue reading “Writer’s Doubt? It’s the Antagonist in Your Story”

Life Lesson #2 – Be Bold, Steal Jesus, and Apologize Later

There are some situations in life that require bold decisions. Do you go with the spicy chicken sandwich or the extra-crunchy one? Do you pitch the so-far-outside-the-box-it-just-might-work idea even though you might end up looking like an idiot? (Hint: The answer is YES! It’s always yes.) Do you steal Baby Jesus from the church NativityContinue reading “Life Lesson #2 – Be Bold, Steal Jesus, and Apologize Later”

Life Lesson: Always Wear Pants When Dealing With Rodents

There are some things you only need experience once to know you don’t want to go through them again. Likewise, there are incidents in all our lives that shape us, make us who we are today. I think most of us can agree on that. People say kids don’t really remember anything before the ageContinue reading “Life Lesson: Always Wear Pants When Dealing With Rodents”

If You Want to Connect With Consumers, It’s Time to Get Social

We live in a world of empowered consumers. They say when, where, and how they’ll buy the products they’re interested in, and businesses everywhere are working to meet their needs to win out over the competition. Here’s what successful marketers know: Consumers are connected online (to businesses and each other), and that means there’s a lotContinue reading “If You Want to Connect With Consumers, It’s Time to Get Social”

5 Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW to Build Customer Loyalty

Want to keep the customers you have, all while gaining traction in the marketplace and gaining new prospects, too? There are a few things you can do to make that happen…and they’re not too hard to accomplish: Keep your promises.  Follow-through will always be important! Find a good system that helps you keep track ofContinue reading “5 Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW to Build Customer Loyalty”

Do You Love What You Do?

I’ve loved doing artistic things since I was a kid, and the drive to create didn’t leave me when it was time to head off to college. Much to my parents’ dismay, I could not be swayed from a solid path toward a liberal arts degree. And along with that came all the “Would youContinue reading “Do You Love What You Do?”

A Half Dozen Surefire Ways to Ignite Your Social Media Presence

Most business owners know that having a solid social media presence is key when it comes to gaining recognition in the marketplace and growing in popularity with consumers. After all, a majority of consumers are on social media–and before they shop or even purchase–they are checking in with their online peers for recommendations, ideas, andContinue reading “A Half Dozen Surefire Ways to Ignite Your Social Media Presence”

Write Anyway

The Creative Toolbox That’ll Keep You Inspired What do you do when you don’t feel like writing? Write anyway. Write ANYTHING you can think of. If you’ve promised yourself that you’ll write 2.000 words per day and you’re just not feeling it, I don’t care if you write down your grandma’s family spice cake recipe.Continue reading “Write Anyway”