Your Clients Want to Love You | 5 Ways to Show Customers You Care

Find new ways to reach out to clients and let them know you’re on their side. Be sure to over-deliver whenever you can to build trust and confidence.

Yoga in a Tornado: How to Ignore the Chaos & Thrive as a Writer

Yoga in a Tornado: How to Ignore the Chaos & Thrive as a Writer My mom visited our house a while back, and she walked into a tornado. Not a mild summer breeze that barely uproots a tree. Nope, we’re talking about a full-blown storm powerful enough to swirl cows and refrigerators overhead and liftContinue reading “Yoga in a Tornado: How to Ignore the Chaos & Thrive as a Writer”

Walmart Doesn’t Sell Writing & Don’t Buy Cheap Toilet Paper

You can get a lot of good stuff at Walmart, amiright? From dog sweaters to pre-made fruit trays to urns, you name it…it’s probably there. Walmart will even change your tires while you’re filling your cart in the store, getting ready to drop a stack of twenties like a rock star in Vegas. It’s aContinue reading “Walmart Doesn’t Sell Writing & Don’t Buy Cheap Toilet Paper”

5 Tips to Become a Kickass Writer & Karaoke Expert

If you’re here for the karaoke thing, I lied. This is for the writers who need to be nicer to themselves. The extrovert masterclass is two pages back. You know what happens to introverts (writers and the like) when they are asked to participate in things like karaoke, improv sessions, or large group projects? TheyContinue reading “5 Tips to Become a Kickass Writer & Karaoke Expert”

Dear 2020

This isn’t working out. It’s not me; it’s you. It’s not really a problem with you personally. My beef if mostly about how you’ve behaved. You’ve single-handedly given us 12 months of an unpredictable shitstorm that even the best weatherman couldn’t have predicted. I’m not saying you’re an asshole. It’s just that you’ve been actingContinue reading “Dear 2020”

Why Do Writers Tell Stories?

I’ve been thinking about this one. It’s not an easy answer. Some of my stories are made up…pulled completely out of nowhere, with absolutely no tether to reality. And some of them are so close to real life that they may as well have pulled up a chair at our dysfunctional family Thanksgiving dinner, ohContinue reading “Why Do Writers Tell Stories?”

We’re All Working from Home. We’re All Listening to Our Dogs Bark.

Here’s what mine is barking at. His name is Rudi, but we call him the white ball of hate. He’s a deceptively cute bundle of fluff with a Swiffer of a tail that airily waves back and forth as he prances around his domain. Rudi is a beautiful mini American Eskimo that we brought intoContinue reading “We’re All Working from Home. We’re All Listening to Our Dogs Bark.”

Go Micro: Small Consumer Moments Make a Mega Impact

Welcome to 2020. The marketplace is crowded. Half of our favorite businesses have closed. Shoppers trudge into stores only when necessary, masks on, six feet apart. Essential employees share half smiles to build camaraderie. Even the grapes are brownish and the cucumbers are soft as they protest having to look cheerful under the bright groceryContinue reading “Go Micro: Small Consumer Moments Make a Mega Impact”

Writer’s Doubt? It’s the Antagonist in Your Story

You know the antagonist you love to hate? The bad guy who always stands in the way of your favorite good guy? As an author, self-doubt is your biggest, baddest, nastiest antagonist—and it’s time to recognize it for what it is. What’s the antagonist in your latest book trying to accomplish? What’s driving him orContinue reading “Writer’s Doubt? It’s the Antagonist in Your Story”