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You know coloring outside the lines? We do dot-to-dot puzzles backwards. We make up words and colors and concepts that weren’t there yesterday. Why? Because the other guy hasn’t done it yet, and we want our customers to stand apart from the crowd.


It is in the name, after all. You won’t find any inside-the-box ideas here, so if you’re looking for words that wow, social that sizzles, and campaigns that kick…assets out there for more consumer love, you’re in the right place.


No one wants to read boring copy. We’ll help you kick it up a notch so you’ll sound sharp instead of stuffy, funny instead of flat. Stop putting your customers to sleep with stale content. Instead, capture their attention and make your brand memorable with the perfect mix of smart, humorous, and informative writing.

Passionate About Storytelling

Enjoy a good training manual? Nope? Us either! Whether it’s about a single product or your entire brand, we love to weave a powerful tale that draws your customers in and compels them to choose you over the competitors out there (who are obviously not as awesome as you).


We take chances. We like firsts, unique opportunities, and challenges that push us to stretch our creative muscles. Need an ode to ice cream or a social media campaign for your burgeoning chicken farm? You’re in luck, because chickens and ice cream are pretty great. We’ll knock that content right out of the henhouse.


We’re geeks. We diagrammed sentences in 6th grade (and liked it), we love the Oxford comma like it’s something our grandma made us for Christmas, and even when we don’t have to write, we’re writing. Except when we’re reading. About writing. It’s all about the words around here.

Power Up Your Content

Welcome to the fun side of content! (We really geek out over this stuff.) Make your mark and captures consumer attention with words that stick and hit home for your consumers.

Ready to build your social reach? Want to grow your content library? Need blogs or e-books? Just want someone to ghost write your stuff so you can get on with the business of running your business? It’s time for us to have a talk.

Some people geek out over letters in their math. And some get their nerd on over beakers filled with germs. Here at Firestorm Creative, words tend to bring out our inner dork.

Email janelle@firestorm-creative.com for detailed information or a quote on your specific project.

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