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Invest in Content That Turns Heads

No one wants to read boring copy. I’ll help you kick it up a notch so you’ll sound sharp instead of stuffy, funny instead of flat. Stop putting your customers to sleep with stale content. Instead, capture their attention with the perfect mix of smart, humorous, and informative writing.

What Makes Firestorm Different?

I’m passionate about storytelling, and I think it’s important to take a chance with your writing! It’s satisfying very when you’re able to weave a powerful tale for your business, connect with clients where they are…and have FUN, too!

I love to give my clients unique opportunities to connect, and a good challenge is right up my alley! So if you need an ode to ice cream or a social media campaign for your burgeoning chicken farm, you’re in luck. I’ll knock that content right out of the henhouse.

I diagrammed sentences in 6th grade (and liked it), I’m a proud proponent of the Oxford comma, and even when I don’t have to write, I’m writing. Except when I’m reading. About writing. It’s all about the words around here!

Welcome to the FUN Side of Content

Make your mark and capture consumer attention with words that resonate.

Want to grow your content library? Need blogs or e-books? Just want someone to ghost write your stuff so you can get on with the business of running your business? It’s time for us to have a chat.

Contact me to get started.

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