Your Clients Want to Love You | 5 Ways to Show Customers You Care

I am the proud owner of a purebred miniature American Eskimo dog that our entire family lovingly refers to as the “white ball of hate.” He’s old, so his hobbies are limited. Mostly, he spends his days napping or hiding behind the sofa growling and snarling at every human or blowing leaf that comes anywhere near his self-proclaimed realm of darkness.

My family and I have spent hours trying to diagnose him. We’ve wondered what could possibly make this spoiled little dog hate his life so much that he opts to spend every waking moment proclaiming his distaste for…well, everything. We’ve done ALL. THE. THINGS. to make him happy, and it’s just a state of mind he refuses to adopt. After a while, we just learned to live with the growling beast behind the sofa.

Hang in There…This Will All Make Sense

This little dog is an anomaly. The pets most of us choose to adopt and love end up loving us right back because we give them attention and affection—plus all the really good snacks. They WANT to love us…and all we have to do is show them affection and let them know we care.

Your Clients Want to Know How Important They Are

Clients need to know you’re paying attention and looking out for them. When you’re providing a product or service people need, those people WANT to love you! Existing and prospective clients are yours to either win or lose, and believe it or not, most of them aren’t already sitting behind the sofa growling at you. If they are, they’re probably not the people you’re looking for anyway.

Even though I’ve had zero luck in wooing the hateful furball behind my couch, I can impart some wisdom when it comes to connecting with clients and reassuring them you have their best interests at heart. If you want to build customer loyalty, brand recognition, and confidence in your professional abilities, check out…

5 Foolproof Ways to Show Clients How Much You Care

  1. Get to know them & build relationships. One-size-fits-all customer service went the way of Sansa belt pants and rotary phones. Take time to get to know the clients you’re trying to reach and be sure to give them information that’s relevant, timely, and in tune with their specific needs. While targeted messaging may take a little longer, it’s well worth your time (and better for business!) to get the right message to the right client at the right time.
  2. Listen & respond. Today’s customers have several ways to reach out to you, so whether it’s via email, your website, or through an online feedback forum, be sure to respond quickly. When you respond to concerns or needs in a positive manner and with proactive solutions, you’ll build trust. Even the most frustrating of situations can be resolved with effective and positive communication.
  3. Keep your word & over-deliver every time. Trust is the most valuable commodity you have, which means you should protect it at all costs. Weigh your words and your promises carefully and be sure there’s value behind what you offer to each client. Keep in mind that promises can either make or break trust between you and the client—so be sure to meet your commitments every time.
  4. Own up to your errors. Mistakes happen—not because we want them to, but because we’re all human. So, whether it’s big or small, always be willing to own your mistakes and recognize that any setback causes an inconvenience for the client. Step forward, own that mistake like it’s your very own growling hellcat behind the sofa, and do your best to make things right. You’ll go a long way toward building credibility when you accept and fix your errors.
  5. Show your appreciation. Your clients have a gazillion and one choices (a very scientific number), so don’t give them any reason to shop around. Whenever you get the opportunity to do a little something extra for them, go for it. Whether it’s a handwritten note, a small token of thanks for their business, or a discount on return services, be sure to make them feel recognized and appreciated for choosing your business.

Clients are looking for solid relationships with businesses that can anticipate their needs, make them comfortable, and give them a few unexpected surprises along the way. They are looking for every reason to love you.

Will you run into a few couch-growlers along the way? Of course! We all do. But for the most part, when you show clients that you’ll work your hardest and put forth your best effort to deliver what they need for their businesses, they’ll want you to succeed, too.

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